7th April 2017


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Rimini, 7th April 2017 – Off-road activity is practiced by tens of thousands of buffs using specially prepared vehicles and regards the auto, motorcycle and bike sectors.

AUTOMOBILES Off-road automobile activity has numerous buffs, which use special vehicles equipped and prepared for the purpose. In Italy, approximately 300 clubs practicing off-road sports activity are divided into various categories:

AUTOCROSS COMPETITIONS – Timed competitions held in permanent or temporary closed circuits (Autocross tracks). The circuits must be on natural terrain (flat or undulating) with a non-sealed surface (earth, sand or gravel) and no ditches or rivers.

FORMULA CHALLENGE COMPETITIONS – These are also timed competitions, but can be held on permanent circuits or tracks prepared for the occasion. The track can be tarmac, dirt or mixed.

SPEED CONTESTS ON ICE – These are timed competitions held on completely ice-covered circuits, with several contestants starting simultaneously. The tracks must have circuit characteristics, with starting and finishing point on the same straight and be on flat or slightly undulating terrain.

MOTORCYCLES – In 2015, 25,688 enduro motorcycles were sold in Italy, with an increase of 31.5% on 2014 figures. This trend continued in the first half of 2016 with 16,403 enduro models sold (+32.8%). Also in the off-road sector, it is estimated that the motocross category is practiced by approximately 22,000 riders. Lastly, there’s the quad sector in which quad bikes are used for off-road activity on complex tracks and rough terrain.

BIKES – Off-road activity is very popular among cyclists. According to the Italian Cycling Federation, of slightly over 50,000 members, more than 23,300 (i.e. 46.6% of the total) practice off-road activity (mountain bike – mtb).

As far as manufacturing is concerned, mountain bikes represent 31% of the bicycle market, slightly less than 850,000 units out of a total of 2,728,600 bicycles manufactured in 2015.

Sources: ANCMA (Italian Manufacturers Association of Bicycles, Motorcycle and Accessories) /FCI – Italian Cycling Federation / FMI – Italian Motorcycle Federation /ACI-CSAI 

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