We hereby inform you that a certain company, called EVENT FAIR – The Exhibitors Index, with head office in Bratislava and branches in other parts of the world, is accustomed to sending exhibiting firms forms in which it asks companies to rectify their company data, for publication of adverts in the magazine Expo-Guide.
Completing and signing these forms, which contain the names of Italian expos and exhibition brands, exhibitors are required to pay a sum of 1,177.00 Euros per year.
As well as NEVER HAVING BEEN AUTHORIZED BY US to use the name of Rimini Fiera or our exhibition brands, the aforementioned company has been warned and denounced to the Autorità Garante della Concorrenza e del Mercato (the Italian Competition Authority), which has imposed a sanction on it. In spite of this, the Company in question continues its illegitimate activity, ending forms, faxes and payment reminders.
Should you receive forms or proposals from EVENT FAIR – The Exhibitors Index, we suggest you pay the UTMOST ATTENTION to the contents of their communications, bearing in mind the above information.