7th April 2017


Hands-on excitement and inland routes the keywords of ACAR,
The Rimini car dealers association
for the new show at Rimini expo centre 21 – 23 April 2017.

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Rimini, 7th April 2017 – ”RiminiOffRoad Show promises to be a rich interesting expo. It is without doubt an opportunity to seize.” These are the forecasts of Marco Ruggieri, Chairman of ACARConfcommercio.

ACAR, the association that unites the car dealers of the province of Rimini, immediately jumped at the opportunity of the proposal for the new show at Rimini expo centre addressing the off-road world, being held from 21st to 23rd April 2017. ACAR realized the great potential and advantages of this new expo, being perfectly in sync with its vision.

Marco Ruggieri continues, “Our curiosity is aroused by the great opportunity offered by RiminiOffRoad Show to test the vehicles. Seeing, personally touching and hands-on driving experience – in a word: excitement. Emotion is one of the most important aspects in our sector, which unfortunately does not the appropriate space in our showrooms. Leisure activity is at the very heart of the auto world and the RiminiOffRoad Show’s program with its performances and competitions seems to us to be an event not to be missed.”

Rimini will be the home for off-road cars and bikes. ACAR was also convinced to take part in the new IEG event by another essential aspect. “A trade show that wants to interact with the off-road world just had to be held in Rimini and the surrounding area. This is the land of cars and bikes, here even scooters are called ’motors’. This is an area able to attract amateurs as well as professionals. Rimini is an extremely interesting market for this sector, there’s a great demand.

FOCUS ON ROR – RiminiOffRoad Show 2017

Dates: 21-23 April 2017; Organizer: Italian Exhibition Group SpA; Patronages: ACI Sport; FIF Italian Federation of Off-road Vehicles; Italian Motorcycle Federation; FIM Europe; ACAR Rimini; Emilia-Romagna Region; Rimini Municipality; CNA, Confcommercio Rimini; Confartigianato Imprese; ACSI Associazione di Cultura Sport e Tempo Libero; category: national expo; hours: Friday 21st and Sunday 23rd April 10:00 am – 7:00 pm; Saturday 22nd 10:00 am – 8:00 pm; ticket info: http://www.riminioffroad.it/date-orari-biglietti/; exhibitor info: info@riminioffroad.it; Web site: www.riminioffroad.it; hashtag: #Riminioffroad


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